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Flying South for the Winter

With our ten year anniversary now behind us and exciting couture-art projects afoot, the Atelier Tammam Boutique will close it’s doors until the spring on 30th November.

It’s time to fly south to warmer climes for a while, bespoke appointments will be limited until April and the cold winter months will be a time for the Tammam team to focus on creativity and new ventures, the Boutique will host 2 unique pop-ups while we are away. Hire services will still be available.

As a renowned and unique couturier we are often approached to dress celebrities.

Photography (c) Gabriela Dias / Fabiola Prado, Getty Images, Alexandria Hall

We’re always happy to loan our garments for high profile events (or hire samples out for private events) and we love to see them on wonderful successful, talented women, but as a rule we don’t “gift” or give freebies to anyone – very succinctly put by our wonderful Kim…

“We don’t gift, our gowns are worth thousands of pounds and take considerable time and skill to make, we are a small indie label so we just can’t afford to. We chose to invest in our supply chains, producers and quality, instead of marketing through gifting to women who can easily afford to buy our gowns anyway.”

We have, from the start, put people over profits, the Tammam label has always been independent and focussed on ensuring everyone in the process of creating our gowns is treated fairly – therefore we expect to be paid fairly for what we do too. This also means our prices are fair and reflective of the work involved in creation – our marketing budgets aren’t high and our margins are low – so the price our customers pay for a bespoke gown, styling service or ready to wear garment is realistic – you really do get what you pay for, including knowing the people who made it are happy!


We do appreciate not all of our fans have haute couture budgets which is why we opened the Boutique to platform other amazing sustainable designers and offer eco ready to wear fashion to everyone. For bargain hunters and ethical fashion collectors – this November, to help us clear the showroom and make space for our winter guests, we are having a clear out sale event. All day on November 30th the Boutique will be open and everything must go. We’ll also have a first dibs event on the evening of the 29th – save the date and sign up to the Tammam Mailing list to be sure to be the first to hear when tickets are on sale.

We’re also hosting a life drawing, party outfit and gifts shopping event on Thursday 9th – very few tickets are left (access code TammamGuest), with delicious FAIR cocktails for all.

Yours in Fair Trade

Ms Tammam




For the last few years I’ve been part of an incredible women’s rights charity, FiLiA (formerly Feminism in London). I am now their art curator and have been working away at putting on our biggest art show yet, next weekend 14th & 15th October, as part of the annual FiLiA conference.


My recent explorations into textiles art, including One Dress are largely thanks to my involvement with FiLiArt.

This years show will be massive, with over 130 women artists showcasing work, an exhibition with paintings, photography, textiles mixed media and installations, curated rooms and performances.


Just a few of the pieces available to view at FiLiArt 2017


The main exhibition will be open to the pubic both days of the event, with additional works available to view for conference ticket holders. Buy tickets here.

I hope to see you there!

Yours in sisterhood

Ms T

Tammam Turns Ten

On 11th September 2007 the Tammam label launched – a catwalk show and crazy party (we were young back then!) with biodynamic champagne and organic chocolate, and a performance from the most brilliant Mr Solo, enthralled our guests.

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The last ten years have been a fabulous rollercoaster ride, trying to convince the fashion industry to be more ethical, sustainable, cruelty free and ecological.

“Saving the world  in style”

was our motto from the start, and that’s what we’ve spent the last decade doing. Just look at where the fashion industry is now, compared to ten years ago. Massive corporations have sustainability strategies, top designers are using eco materials and thousands of people have started asking “who made my clothes?”.


Monday 11th we’ll be celebrating at the Tammam atelier and showroom in Bloomsbury.

10 year anni invite

Don’t forget  – If there has to be a victim in fashion, let it be you….


Yours in a decade of decadence, glamour and conscious creativity

Ms T

How can I resist you?!

Over a couple of months in spring the Atelier Tammam team were working on a very special project for an incredible actress, who agreed to let us share the steps involved in creating her couture gown.
Natalie O’Donnell came in requesting a red carpet worthy outfit after being cast as Donna Sheridan, the main Mamma, in the upcoming Australian revival of the show, Mamma Mia!


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 Natalie tried on a range of gowns to determine which shapes, colours and fabrics worked together to create her dream dress.
After taking a few vital statistics Miss T sketched up the ideas for Natalie’s couture gown, a tea-length dark blue peace silk dress combining two signature Tammam styles, the Asp dress and the beautifully detailed fan feature of an archive gown.


Our pattern cutter used Natalie’s measurements to create her own bespoke perfect block, which her unique design patterns were formed around.
Once the paper pattern was finished and the calico cloth cut, it was passed over to Katherine, one of our talented seamstresses, to make a toile, a mock-up dress, to ensure the best fit before cutting in the final fabric.
Natalie came in for a toile fitting and Miss T skilfully adjusted the pattern to her liking ensuring the most striking feature, the pleating on the bodice, lay beautifully around Natalie’s curves.
The toile was then marked, unpicked and used to cut the final fabric. Once the fabric was cut Katherine worked with traditional hand stitching haute couture techniques to baste the layers of the dress together and stitch the seams, ready for another fitting.
The next fitting concentrated on checking the line and fit of the dress in the final fabrics. Once this was confirmed Katherine stitched the dress together perfectly and pinned the pleats ready for the  penultimate fitting.
One more fitting was need to ensure the pleats sat smoothly and enhanced the shape of Natalie’s body, at this stage the hem length was also confirmed.
   Katherine dedicated hours to marking every pleat and detail in colour coded threads to ensure the final stitching held the pleats perfectly aligned.
All the finishing touches took even more hours of detailed hand stitching ready for the final fitting and collection.
Once the gown was complete, Natalie came for a final fitting – giving it a last try to check it fit like a hand made, haute couture, bespoke glove – which it did! Natalie promptly whisked the spectacular dress off to Australia, where she is soon to start rehearsals for the show. The dress will appear on a red carpet soon, we’ll post a picture when it does….
That’s it from me, my adventure at Tammam has ended, what a journey it has been!

Tammam is ten, Atelier is five and a Boutique is born

The newly opened Atelier Tammam Boutique, based in our Hastings Street showroom, offers the best of independent and emerging sustainable designer talent.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 09.05.11Within the boutique you can find some of our favourites from the Pop-Up shops we’ve hosted over the last couple of years – Nancy Dee, Cecilia Hammarborg, Deborah Campbell, Outsider, as well as new brands who we bring in and alternate regularly, in store now are the likes of Duskies, Komana, Fashion Compassion and Realm of Treasure.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 15.08.16

The pieces are carefully curated to ensure we are offering our customers an incredible selection of timeless ready to wear outfits suitable for a sustainable wardrobe and every occasion.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, the boutique only stocks garments and accessories that have been made already (we don’t order anything that has to be produced for us). This ensures less unnecessary products are created, AND we often have incredible one off samples and still relevant (we hand pick everything to ensure this) past season pieces (which mean low prices and incredible value) as well as this seasons must haves.


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Here at Tammam we also offer beautiful sustainable fabrics, now available to purchase by the metre. We have offered a popular wholesale fabrics and consultancy service for the last few years, working with many independent designers to develop and apply sustainable supply chains to their businesses. Due to popular demand we now have all our stock fabric on display in the showroom, to buy off the roll during Boutique opening hours. From hand loomed peace silk to duchess satin to organic cotton and even recycled polyester, we have the highest quality materials, just waiting for you to unleash your creativity on.


While our luxurious fabrics are imported from around the world, all Tammam couture is created in our Bloomsbury studio, here in London.

Atelier Tammam creates bespoke garments tailored to fit each individual body and unique style. Whether you’re meeting the queen or going to a casual dinner, we offer personal and timeless perfect creations that are tailored to fulfill your every need. The couture process is intense, involving many fittings, a paper pattern, calico toile and finished dress – but it’s worth it – ask any one of our customers and they’ll tell you nothing compares to a bespoke dress.

Tammam-110 LR

For those with less time, or lower budgets we have dress making services and offer alterations and repairs – to keep those well loved items going as long as possible.

For vintage repair needs, Splendid Stitches, London’s leading specialist in vintage clothing alterations and repairs works in-house with us – between us there is pretty much nothing we can’t make or fix!

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 07.32.01

This week we are hosting a Sustainable Summer Shopping Experience, Friday 14th July from 5pm at the Atelier, join us for organic wine, first choice of new stock from all our designers and extra discounts on the night. To keep up to date with events join our mailing list.

See you there!

Love Nyleeta

An invitation into Atelier Tammam today


store sign _resized

Welcome to Atelier Tammam


The beautiful Atelier Tammam store front today


The Boutique is open! Visit us in Bloomsbury…


Visit our in house vintage clothing alterations and repairs specialist – the wonderful Splendid Stitches

Store window_resized

Haute Couture embroidered coat dress from our archive

Store window 2_resized

This week’s stylishly curated outfit in the boutique window

Pink dress_resized

Dior is couture, not sure what you want in your sartorial choices, from expert advice to research material, we’ll help you find and create your perfect wardrobe


Keeping it simple – nude colours


Summer brights – a colourful combination of designer garments

Duskies 2_resized

Compliment your outfit with Duskies sunglasses

Wedding dress _resized

Our timeless wedding gowns


Pattern Cutter working hard

Appa and katherine 2_resized

Many hands make light work

katherine 2_resized

Couture hand stitching on a celebrity red carpet gown

From the tranquil boutique to the bustling atelier, a day in the life here at the House of Tammam.



Atelier Tammam Saves the (Wedding) Day

Recently a distraught bride came to see us in the Atelier with two wedding gowns, both had been ruined by an amateur seamstress and a dodgy dry cleaner, in a failed attempt to perfect them for her big day. Luckily our team were able to correct the worst of these problems in just a few days, in time for the bride to catch her train to Paris for her beautiful wedding.

The gowns were samples purchased in near perfect condition. The bride was advised to have them dry cleaned, unaware that doing so can sometimes change the quality of the fabric.

During the process of shortening the first gown, from Tea length to knee length, the dress was unevenly cut, leaving ragged edges and a very upset bride.

Our cutter expertly re-cut the hem with the skills comparable to any petit mains of a Parisian haute couture atelier.

Even worse than the uneven edges, the two inner linings were accidentally stitched together, lifting the hem line in places and creating visible bunching.

Our seamstress skillfully unpicked the stitches and reassembled the side seems, allowing the hemline to straighten out and the skirt to lay flat over the hips.

Our seamstresses came to the rescue once again for gown two. The dress was carelessly washed and handled before it came to us resulting in tears on the bodice.

We hand appliquéd spare lace flowers, to reinforce and disguise the holes.


The new belt which had been created for the dress puckered and lay unevenly. Our experienced vendeuse instantly recognised the problem and released a few stitches, allowing the belt to lay flat, creating a smoother line.


It’s the small details that can really make a dress work, the flowers on the bodice had been attached sporadically and unevenly, making the dress look messy and inexpensive. A few slight adjustments and a keen eye perfected the bodice and made our bride very happy.

While Atelier Tammam is renowned for it’s bespoke creations, we are always happy to come to the rescue and offer repairs and alterations of the highest standard. The Atelier also has an in-house vintage specialist – Splendid Stitches. Let no gown go un-loved or unworn again!




Team Tammam Spring 2017

Well it’s been a while since my last Web Log. It has been an exhilarating time at the Atelier and the One Dress project has been all consuming, with a fabulous trip to India, two successful Crowdfunder campaigns and work in progress showcases here and abroad, since my last post.

I’m very excited to introduce the wonderful Nyleeta, who will be taking over the Web Log while she is on placement with us over the summer months.

Yours in Sustainability

Ms Tammam



The latest batch of Tammam interns met for the first time at an iconic London retail location to get to know each other and gain some insight into the world of high end fashion before the hard work of the next few weeks begins.

Every season the atelier offers placements to both technical studio and administrative students, to offer them invaluable work experience within the fashion industry.


Meet the team.

Appa, the ambitious Norwegian studying pattern design in Denmark.

She has great attention for detail and loves an organised work space, she is used to using advanced technology to design and create patterns but here at atelier Tammam she is gaining knowledge of how to create traditional manual patterns for haute couture.

Here she is analysing the structure of a ball gown.


I am Nyleeta, described by my colleagues as “the diligent Brit” studying Fashion Management and marketing in London. I have been tasked over the next few months to write this blog for Tammam, as well as work on some of our upcoming events.

On our expedition, I fell in love with this beautiful gown and wanted to purchase it but the price tag said no.


Katherine, the adventurous country girl from Oregon, soon to be studying at the Fashion institute of technology in New York, is a meticulous seamstress eager to learn the tricks of the trade from Ms Tammam.


Tina, the unassuming Italian/ Lebanese fashionista, is studying fashion management and marketing in London.

She has an abstract way of viewing the world and aims to bring innovative ways to market the boutique during her placement.


We gave ourselves the nickname, The Tammam Secret Agents because we spent the whole day looking at other designers gowns inside and out, as well as how they display them, and got many ideas to implement during our placements.

We all seemed to agree that the quality of the designer clothing we saw was not fair value for money and in comparison to the quality of the handmade gowns offered by atelier Tammam, there was no match.

I’m really excited for what the next few weeks have in store and I look forward to writing the next post.




One Dress

Where did the summer go?  The Atelier has been in a flurry of excitement for the past few weeks, working on a new project that will be launched at the FiLiArt show (which I’ve been joyfully co-curating) in December, .


One Dress is a textiles art piece, symbolic of women’s voices – A single dress to be embroidered fully both in the UK and at fair trade units in India and Africa with words of equality and solidarity, chosen by people from around the world.


The initial project is now 50% funded thanks to Arts Council UK. Be one of the very first to choose a word or sentence for the dress and support some positivity!

Read more in my latest weblog for Huffington Post.

But that’s not all! In order to counter Black Friday madness we’re holding a little, calm and conscious, soirée to open our festive pop-up shop of indie brands and eco designers. Get tickets here (includes mulled wine). The pop-up will be open until the 12th December, and new stock will be added throughout the sale. We’re promising perfect presents and glamorous party gowns from the best sustainable designers around.xmas.png


Yours in One Dress

Ms Tammam


Best of British – Indies in LA


We’re back from our fabulous jaunt to LA and thrown straight into Fashion Revolution Week. Join us and the wonderful British indie designers from Moda360 at our Conscious Pop Up Shop at Atelier Tammam all week, as we ask “Who Made My Clothes?”

Yours in the Revolution!

Ms Tammam