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LFW 2022: The Catwalk

by ateliertammam

Wow. London’s Fashion Week is certainly in full swing, and on Thursday night we were incredibly proud to wave the flag for sustainable fashion, by showcasing the Tammam 2022 collection at Samsung KX.

Bursting with colour, this season’s ‘Birds and Flight’ themed collection featured our unique ‘climate change stripes’ textiles, inspired by the incredible research and visual created by Prof. Ed Hawkins from the University of Reading.

Here are the all the highlights….

As you’d expect, our ‘22 season includes sustainable materials and hand craftsmanship from artisans based at the Tammam Atelier and across India. 

The “Bird Dress” photography by Maria Biardzka

Always activists at heart, the show promoted the climate change stripes designed by the brilliant Prof. Ed Hawkins from University of Reading. The stripes are a powerful visual representation of how much the world has warmed up since 1850: blue for cooler years, red for warmer. Available in cotton or peace silk, and with scarfs starting at just £30, climate change garments are now available to order on the Tammam website

Photography by Kam Murali

The theme for this season is Flight, with references from birds, nature and female aviators, and an explosion of colour – a fabulous freeing antidote to the last couple of restrictive years. 

Fabrics include hand-loomed organic cottons, peace silks and our innovative eco tulle.

Photography by Tess Priya

Plus reinvented vintage suits made in repurposed luxury fabrics that no longer serve their original purpose. 

The brilliant Professor Ed Hawkins said: “Everyone needs to understand and talk about climate change if we are to find ways to tackle it.

“Putting the climate stripes on the catwalk is a high-impact way to get the message across – a powerful synthesis of science and fashion.”

Photography by Kam Murali

Love what you see?

Post-show sample sale: As is tradition, we’ll be hosting an exclusive post-show event soon, with incredible discounts on samples from the “Flight” catwalk show, along with other original Tammam pieces – follow us on Instagram to be the first to know the date and details. Made to measure: To purchase any of this season’s range, simply make an appointment at

Is Green the New Black? 

by tammamsarah

TechRound asked for my opinion as an expert on Sustainable Fashion and how the industry has changed with so many more businesses and consumers taking sustainability more seriously. As many of you know it is a topic I feel passionately about so thought i’d share it with you….

I started working in sustainable fashion in 2004, when it was still very niche. It was just a bunch of small indie labels trying their best, but with nothing standardised, chopped up supply chains and very few options (at any stage of production). It was the early days when people would be proud to buy fair trade coffee and bananas, but wouldn’t think twice about the clothes on their back.

Since then, sustainability really has gone mainstream. On the surface it’s great that it’s now part of the conversation. But as an insider I can see there’s an awful lot of green washing happening – companies realise the power of the message and use it as a marketing tool rather than making any actual difference.

Now, the real power shift is coming from the consumer. The over-consumption message is getting through and people are starting to turn their backs on fast fashion. It’s not just about buying ethically; it’s also about buying less.

One Dress - collaborative couture by Atelier Tammam

One of the most exciting ideas I think we’ll see more of in the future is collaborative couture: hundreds or even thousands of people owning a small piece of a single high-end garment, the complete other end of the spectrum to fast fashion – where one person owns many cheap garments. Collaborative couture gives the buyers that thrill of owning a piece of couture, without the waste. And crucially, it is being made into a really rich experience with digitisation – integrating tech to connect consumers to the artisans who made it.

Full article here

Ms T xx

Save the planet for Earth Day on your wedding day!

by tammamsarah

Sustainable silk, vintage veils, pre-loved lace… as we approach Earth Day on 22 April, more brides-to-be than ever are making eco-friendly choices for their big day. We’ve been offering sustainable wedding dresses since we launched the Tammam label in 2007 and one of the highlights of our bridal calendar is our super popular sample sale. It’s going to be a bit different this year, with all the restrictions, but we’ll be open next weekend (23rd – 26th April) for one-on-one sample sale appointments, with lots of extras, since we think brides deserve a bit of extra TLC this year!

In the meantime, we have compiled five top tips for getting an eco-friendly wedding dress:

1. Ask the right questions

Going bespoke? Then don’t be scared to ask about the materials and supply chains. Use your spending power for good by pushing your designer to go the extra ethical mile. We are always delighted to share the story of production for every garment.

2) Use hire power

Do you really need to own the dress? Hiring is eco-friendly and very cost-effective, leaving you with more to splurge on all those other wedding must-haves!

3) Choose vintage

Whether it’s the dress still hanging in your grandmother’s wardrobe, or a treasure you find in a charity shop, there are plenty of ways to restore or alter an amazing vintage find.  

Since the first lockdown we have seen an increase in brides choosing to wear their mother’s wedding dress, which is a great sustainable option. We have also had brides who want to use the fabric from an heirloom wedding dress and use the fabric to make a newly designed bespoke dress

4) Sample it

Many bridal boutiques have sample sales where you can get your hands on beautiful gowns that have hardly been worn – you could save up to 80% on the retail price!

We are hosting a Covid-compliant bridal sample sale 23-26th April as part of the Earth Day celebrations, with a huge selection of sample and stock dresses, original vintage and accessories from top sustainable brands. Tickets can be booked here.

5) Pass it on

Dresses shouldn’t stay hidden away after the big day. Think about donating your dress to charity, selling it or (if you can’t bear to be parted from it!) simply get it altered so that you can wear it again. Most Ateliers will be willing and able to do these alterations.

Even if you’re not a bride these tips are relevant for any occasion. Let us know if we can help with any of your sartorial needs.

If you know a bride to be, be sure to let them know about our sample sale they’ll definitely thank you for it!

Yours in celebration of Earth Day, and all the weddings that can finally happen

Ms Tammam

One Dress is Complete

by ateliertammam

The last word has been stitched onto One Dress, and what better way to showcase the completed dress than on International Women’s day, with a first look at the dress and Women’s Walk around Bloomsbury – watch the event on IGTV on the Tammam Instagram channel

The One Dress project is a feminist art work, made by women, for women, about women. So much goes into the fashion that we buy and wear and One Dress aims to highlight this, by crediting all the women who have helped to create it, proving clothing is never just something to be thrown away.  

The women who have contributed skills, words and materials to the sustainable peace-silk dress are all part of its story. The dress is embellished with over a thousand embroidered words, stitched in reclaimed violet thread. One Dress is fashion, but not like the fast throw-away fashion we are used to, One Dress has flipped the narrative, encouraging consumers to buy a small piece of something incredible – that supports artisans without the waste of over-consumption.

One Dress represents the voices of all the women who have contributed to it, and the voices of women throughout history who have inspired us, so it was decided that voice would be the perfect last word to sum up the project.

The dress may be finished, but the journey of One Dress is not over – the finished dress will be worn by a selection of inspirational women and showcased around the world in a tour that spans Australia and India, as well as returning to some of the places it was exhibited as a work in progress in the UK, which include National Portrait Gallery, British Library and the FiLiA conference in October, all being well! If you’re in London the dress will be displayed in the window of Atelier Tammam for the rest of Women’s History Month – until the end of March.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been part of this extraordinary project –  a true piece of collaborative couture.

Who’s ready for the next One Dress project?!

Yours in celebration of women everywhere

Ms Tammam

Remote Working – an empty Atelier

by ateliertammam

This time last year I had just got back from showcasing One Dress at the Surajkund Mela in India, and was heading to be a judge for the “Drapers Den” at the Drapers Sustainability conference (and by the way, we have been shortlisted for a Drapers Sustainable Fashion Award this year!). We had an exciting year ahead planned… Little did we know what was going to happen. Like everyone, the last year has been a rollercoaster ride for our business, with no way to see customers for most of the year, and no events, parties or weddings happening the need for our bespoke services has dropped to almost nothing. Luckily we’ve been able to survive with a little ingenuity and a lot of tenacity.

One Dress at the Surajkund Mela

We’ve noticed an increase in requests for our repairs, alterations and re-invention services. All that time at home has given us all a great excuse to go through our wardrobes and make do with what we have instead of buying new. Although we can’t see customers in person yet (hurry up April 12th!) we have been offering digital appointments and can receive and return garments by post.

We also launched our climate stripes ready to wear collection – the first time we have offered non bespoke garments in many years.

And this month we are finishing off One Dress – many of our plans to take the dress to be finished were foiled last year, so we’ve instead found a few local embroiderers who are stitching the final few words on to the dress. We’ve also been looking for the last word – the perfect word to end this incredible project – more about that below.

While I’ve been visiting the studio occasionally, the rest of the Tammam team have been working from home. I’m missing having everyone around, so much. In January we usually offer a work experience placement to a student from Robert Gordon University in Scotland. This year we have been incredibly lucky to have the lovely Morgan working with us, all be it remotely (we are quite jealous of her gorgeous view though!). It’s been strange having to adapt to zoom meetings and I can’t help but feel Morgan is missing out on the London life, which is such an important thing to experience. I really hope when it’s possible she can come down and see us in person.

In the meantime I have asked Morgan to write a bit about her experience at Atelier Tammam so far…

Morgan wearing the12 way dress for a shoot in Aberdeen – what a view!

I am now 6 weeks into working for Tammam and have already learnt so much from the team. In such a short time I have created and posted content on social media, planned content calendars to schedule posts, helped plan campaigns, planed a strategy to reach objectives and goals, photographed images and written copy. With only being a few weeks into this internship, I already know that this experience and the skills I have learnt are going to benefit me with employability once I graduate in spring next year. I have an HNC qualification in Fashion Business and am currently working towards an honours degree in Fashion Management. I have always had an interest all aspects of fashion, however, my love for the business management side of fashion developed and I realised that this was the route I wanted to go down and pursue a career in. I had spent my entire 1st semester of third-year studying at home so was used to how to work individually from the space of my home and attend face-to-face meetings over zoom, teams etc. However, an internship was something I am completely new to and would be my first ever experience in working for a
luxury fashion company so I was quite nervous about working remotely. Nevertheless, I’ve had more support than I could have asked for. We have face-to-face meetings via Zoom each week where we discuss the tasks for the week and I can ask any questions. I send over my work through email and we also have a WhatsApp group so I can reach everyone easily and quickly, while making sure I feel like part of the team. This week I learnt how to use Hootsuite, an online platform used for scheduling social posts. Hootsuite was something which I had never used before, so I was given a tutorial over Zoom. I am so grateful to be working at Atelier Tammam, the support has been truly amazing.

One Dress is the main project I’ve been focussing and working on during my time here at Tammam. One dress is a project which has been developing over the last couple of years, featuring hundreds of embroidered words in relation to feminism. This dress is a wonderful historical work of art and couture which is owned by everyone that has contributed towards the iconic One Dress project. This is a very unique and remarkable project representing womanhood and women’s empowerment. When One Dress has reached completion, it will be worn by inspirational women and photographed to complete It’s story. For this month, I have been part of the “Have the Last Word” campaign for One Dress, asking our social media audiences to suggest a perfect word to finish the dress. My word is Serenity and it’s been fascinating seeing everyone’s suggestions.

The One Dress campaign is something unique, exciting and positive during the current lockdown. As One dress is almost complete, we thought we would come up with something exciting for people to take part in, a chance to contribute to something empowering that you wouldn’t normally be offered, as well as increasing awareness. The last word will be chosen as a way to conclude the story and will be a word that defines feminism. The last word will be dedicated to the person that suggests it as well as having their name noted on the One Dress register. I am so proud to be part of something so empowering to womanhood. The One Dress campaign is something which I will remember for life and make’s me feel honoured to be a woman myself.

Thanks so much Morgan, I really hope you can make it to London soon…

Looking forward to the parties we’re all going to have when this madness is over, see you then!

Ms Tammam

Searching for the Last Word

by ateliertammam

If you’re not familiar with the One Dress project, welcome! But most likely you have watched the story of One Dress unfold over the last few years. With almost a thousand poetic, inspiring and positive words about women already embroidered, One Dress is close to completion, so now we are searching for one LAST powerful, perfect word to conclude the story.

One Dress, combines art and couture, offering a voice to women around the world. It echoes the lines of the Suffragette movement and is made in sustainable peace-silk. The dress features hundreds of embroidered words and phrases that people from around the world associate with womanhood and feminism, stitched in reclaimed violet thread. 

One Dress tells the story of the women who have contributed skills, words and materials to the dress. The process of working on One Dress with seamstresses around the world has been inspiring and incredible.

Now the dress is almost complete I’ve been wondering what word is the right one to finish it. It needs to be powerful and perfect, a word to conclude this unique story. So I’m asking the world – what’s the word that embodies the meaning of feminism?

If you have a suggestion let us know! If we chose your word it will be the very last word to be stitched onto One Dress and dedicated to you on the historical register. What a chance to be part of Women’s history!

Visit One Dress or post on instagram @houseoftammam

The closing date for submissions is 28 February 2021

Yours in the wonder of words

Ms Tammam

Ms Tammam’s Top five sustainable and stylish lockdown tips

by tammamsarah

Today was the 10th anniversary of our incredible catwalk show at the iconic St Pancras Station. We had planned and hoped to recreate it, but since we are all stuck at home here’s a video from the archive to watch instead…

While we’re daydreaming of being out and about, I’ve put together my top 5 tips to keep lockdown as stylish and sustainable as possible:

1 – Make do and mend: it may not be 1939 but sometimes it feels like it at the moment. While the country doesn’t need materials to support the war effort, our planet needs us to consume less. Much less. The best way to do that is to fix and repurpose what we already have.

2 – Use sustainable fabrics: for projects that need new materials, buy sustainable, organic, eco and cruelty free. Search for online fabric suppliers still posting out orders. Our fabric selection could be a good place to start –

3 – Support an artisan: So many artisans, especially in developing countries, have been hit really hard by lockdowns and lack of support. Search for products that ensure fair trade and sustainable employment. We developed our climate stripes collection to do just that, and remind about climate change too.

4 – Plant a tree: Lockdown has been great for the environment, make it even better by adding to the effort, if you don’t have a space of your own there are lots of organisations who can plant trees for you. What have trees got to do with fashion? Well we need them to breath so it counts.

5 – Get out of the tracksuit: As the late great Karl said “sweatpants are a sign of defeat” one should always dress up for oneself and no one else. Getting dressed in the morning, even if no one else is going to see, really helps. We shan’t let the lockdown defeat us.

(c) Steve Best Photography

I can’t wait to see you dressed up to the nines when we can soiree again.

Ms Tammam x

Atelier Tammam’s top picks for sustainable Christmas gifts

by tammamsarah

As we aren’t able to open Atelier Tammam for our annual Christmas pop up this year, we’ve compiled a list of fabulous gifts from some amazing sustainable creatives to help you support British independent businesses and shop small this festive season.

Read on for our top sustainable and unique gift picks of 2020

Our best selling ready to wear scarf is truly the perfect Christmas gift for women or men. A fabulous versatile statement piece for any wardrobe, in biodegradable and natural lightweight organic cotton or super-soft insulating peace silk. The scarves have been designed as a beautiful reminder that climate change is still real and remains a threat to us all. The scarves have been hand loomed by artisans in India, in the climate stripe colours. Face masks are available bespoke on request.

Atelier Tammam Biodegradable and natural climate stripe scarf in organic cotton or peace silk – £30-£185

For something utterly special and fabulously luxurious, these nuggets of 18ct Fairtrade gold are made by hand by top jeweller Anna Loucah, so each one is completely unique. Choose from an existing design or suggest a symbol that means something special to you and Anna will turn it into a precious treasure just for you.

Annaloucah Fine Jewellery Shooting Star amulet – £795

There’s nothing quite as special as a piece of original artwork, we are in love with these limited edition prints by Tracy Goldfinch Elson.

Tracy Goldfinch Elson DM via instagram for limited edition prints – POA

We just adore these fabulous mini hotties by Chloe Haywood. Made from jumpers saved from landfill, professionally cleaned and prepared before being handmade into a gorgeously soft cover. Various colour choices are available and the bottle is made from natural rubber. 

Chloe Haywood London Luxury Upcycled Cashmere Mini Star Hot Water Bottle – £25

The luxurious dr Botanicals face oil is packed full of minerals and vitamins, to rejuvenate, renew and protect skin. Rich in antioxidants and moisturising properties to keep skin protected and hydrated when it needs it most. Plus it is vegan and made only of natural ingredients.

dr botanicals Limited edition Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil 30ml – £39

Another unique gift from our new ready mades collection, supporting artisans in India. Tammam fair trade peace silk pillowcases are the new must have bedroom accessory. Smooths and protects hair, keeps skin moisturised and of course helps to give the perfect night’s sleep.  An ideal gift for someone with curly or dry hair.

Atelier Tammam Peace silk pillowcase – £65

A super stocking filler, Joker face is a fun read with pictures from brilliant photographer Steve Best and over 528 comedians with their own jokes, facts and flights of fancy.

Steve Best Steve Best Joker Face book – £9.99 plus p&p 

Wild Daisy’s unique patchwork denim trousers are a fabulous statement piece, both stylish and sustainable. They are made in the UK from 100% recycled fabrics with zero waste produced.

Wild Daisy Patchwork denim trousers – £125

The perfect Eco-Warrior stocking stuffer! These tiny studs look like Murano Glass but are handcrafted from Upcycled CD’s.

KT CD Tiny Upcycled CD Studs £12 plus P&P

There’s nothing like some fabulous music. The Rhythm of Life is a beautiful album from Classical-Crossover Soprano Joanna Forest – a glorious musical storytelling journey.

Joanna Forest The Rhythm of Life album – from £3.50

Simple Animal’s original designs are hand-printed on fairly traded materials, paired with a zero-waste philosophy they always make a great gift. 

Simple Animal Ants wrap around t-shirt £24.99 plus p&p

Booja Booja is organic dairy free chocolate at its best. This luxurious selection of chocolate truffles are delicious, with a flavour for everyone. A favourite of Ms Tammam’s. (Note: Available at selected stockists)

Booja Booja The Gourmet Selection from £16.99

Three Little Pandas is an online Ethical Gift Shop for (new) parents and their “little pandas”. These hand poured soy wax candles are vegan, paraben free and cruelty free.

Three Little Pandas Set of six scented soy wax tea lights £5.80

We are here to save the day even for last minute gifts. Dedicate a word of love or empowerment to that special person to be embroidered onto the iconic One Dress. One Dress is a unique piece of textiles art offering a voice to women around the world. We can also send a digital gift certificate with your chosen word, and we’ll be on hand even on Christmas day itself – we’ll email certificates within 2 hours of purchase.

Atelier Tammam One Dress word choose a word £40 or choose love £20

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, fabulous festive season, and happy new year!

Sarah, Ms Tammam and the Atelier Tammam Team

The show must go on…

by ateliertammam

Atelier Tammam, a couture fashion studio creating modern garments in traditional ways is nestled in a little row of shops in north Bloomsbury, just south of the Euston Road and the incredible Kings Cross redevelopment. The atelier is a unique haven for our varied clients, including celebrities, socialites, lovers of the exceptional and dedicated followers of craftsmanship. The Tammam Atelier is purposefully located away from mainstream and high street fashion; the Tammam label is different, and always has been. 

Dedicated to sustainability since the label launched in the mid 2000s, Tammam has been a trailblazer of ethical, cruelty free and eco luxury fashion. Sourcing fair trade supply chains in India and beyond, Tammam has always defied the traditional fashion business model to offer one-of-a-kind, made to order products, as well as unique textiles which promote new ways to enjoy fashion. 

So it probably comes as no surprise that this fashion house won’t give up easily – and a global pandemic certainly isn’t going to stop the House Of Tammam. There is a reason why the 2021 collection is called “Undefeated”.

(c) Steve Best Photography

The Tammam catwalk show had been on the Bloomsbury Festival schedule for 2020 since last year. This year, the festival theme is “Vision”, something that Tammam in its 13 year history has embodied. In March, it was decided that an indoor venue wouldn’t be sensible and the catwalk would have to be taken to the streets! Nobody thought we’d still be fiercely battling covid-19 by October, but here we are. With cases on the rise, the pavement-based runway became the only feasible option. 

Fully aware of the risks of putting on a show at this time, the Tammam team worked flat out for the last few weeks to ensure that the show could run smoothly and safely. Working with students from the London Contemporary Dance School to wear the clothes, these graceful models were divided into groups of no more than 6, keeping the students within their class “bubbles”, and in line with government social distancing guidelines. Preparations throughout the day were spread out so distancing was adhered to and even during the show models kept at least a 2m distance (fortunately not unusual for a fashion show). All staff and models were temperature checked on arrival and the hair and make up team (huge thanks to the brilliant team of Michael Van Clarke, headed up by the inimitable Lamphane) wore specialist PPE. 

(c) Steve Best Photography

Having realised the show was still possible and after working through all the complicated logistics, the Tammam team were rallying to complete the collection in time. Due to Covid, there have been long delays from India for integral fabrics, and limitations on the small studio (staff who could were taking garments to stitch from home). However, we were delighted that the collection was ready to showcase on Friday 16th.

The risks of showcasing at this time are substantially less, for an independent business like Tammam, than sitting back and waiting for the end of the pandemic. We have experienced a huge outpouring of gratitude and support from fans, customers and neighbours – so many were so excited about the show in the run up, as it seemed to offer a beacon of hope in these bleak times, and I think it delivered. The pictures and posts since the show have been phenomenal and the fantastic feedback and thanks keep pouring in.

I hope we brought a little happiness with this show. We have introduced bright colours and enchantingly draped peace silk zero-waste dresses that were inspired by ancient Greek statues at the British Museum, alongside our signature tailored cuts. These signal where we want to be – out of sweatpants and back in the game!

But despite the aspirational sentiment inspired by Karl’s famous quote, the collection has a deeper meaning. Based on the climate stripes visualisation by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading, the collection offers a not-so-hidden message, reminding us that climate change is still real, and while covid may be our current priority, climate change remains a dire threat, and an issue we will all be thinking about long after covid has disappeared. This reminder about the threat of climate change is another compelling reason why Atelier Tammam took our collection to the Bloomsbury pavements last Friday.

(c) Sam Lane Photography
Climate stripes (c) Professor Ed Hawkins, University of Reading

Choosing to showcase as part of the Bloomsbury festival and away from Fashion Weeks is also deliberate. Part of the label’s agenda is to present fashion that is made to last and doesn’t conform to trend. The pandemic is already seeing fashion houses putting brakes on this fast moving industry. Consumers are questioning whether they need new clothes in their new restricted lifestyle. Civil society is seeing how much lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions have benefited the environment and improved air quality. All this makes us even more passionate about the work that we do. 

The ethical and environmentally-conscious, outdoor, socially distanced catwalk show roved through the streets of Bloomsbury on 16th October .

(c) Sam Lane Photography

To pre-order any of the items from the 2021 Undefeated collection use this order form for special pricing until the end of the Bloomsbury Festival.

Re-opening after lockdown

by ateliertammam

On 4th July we officially reopen Atelier Tammam, after over three months of being closed during the Covid19 pandemic lockdown. We’re open reduced hours with a limited service for now. We are also still able to offer virtual appointments and video consultations. Get in touch if you’d like to make an appointment or to discuss any of our services.

I am delighted to be back in my beloved Atelier after so long but anxious to ensure we re-open safely.

The bespoke process is such an intense and wonderful experience, we are hoping to keep things, as much as possible, the same whilst ensuring both our team and customers stay safe, and feel comfortable in this new environment.

Fittings will be slightly different to usual

For the safety and comfort of both staff and customers we have stocked up on organic hand sanitiser for customers to use on arrival, we also have face coverings for our team. We’re asking for air kisses only for now, after all this is fashion!

We are limiting appointments to 20 minutes and trials to 3 styles and will keep the door open, if possible. There will be at least an hour between any appointments, when the atelier will be fully aired.

We’ve enhanced our cleaning plan to ensure there is a weekly deep clean of the whole premises and we’re doing daily disinfecting of high touch areas.

We have installed a Samsung AirDresser which means we can sanitise dress samples as soon as they have been tried or worn, ready for the next customer.

We won’t be able to do do any of our fabulous sustainable fashion sample sales for a while, but if you’re looking for eco ready to wear you could pre-order a Climate Stripes Scarf from our lockdown accessories collection, supporting artisans in India through the pandemic.

I personally quite like all these initiatives, and although I can’t wait to be back in the studio full time I think many of the new additions will stay for good.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Atelier soon.

Air kisses

Ms Tammam