Couldn’t we just shake on it?

As with most good things, they only come to those who wait. The Atelier is waiting to be created but we are, finally, almost there.

As a creative person, legal issues are not top of my priority list, in fact, I have never done anything “by the book” so being forced to has been quite a challenge for me. Indeed the moment i speak to a solicitor my brain falls into a heavy slumber, my ears close and my head starts reciting words from my favourite musical numbers. Unfortunately a lease requires a certain amount of legal input and thankfully my good friend and fellow eco fashionista Safiye of has been my rock through the turmoil of negotiations, legal jargon and decisions.

It is not over yet but the end is in sight….


This month we have thoughtfully been listed by the fabulous Ms Wanda

Ms Wanda’s Wardrobe is an online magazine bringing you ethical fashion news, features and campaigns.
yes that’s us at the top of the directory.
In other news Tammam will be featured in Angel Magazine next month and I, rather excitingly, have been asked to be a cover girl for the UK Jolie box new magazine. Goodness only knows what they see interesting in my haggard old features.
Don’t forget the wonders of modern technology
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Yours in fair trade
Ms Tammam