Signed and sealed

by ateliertammam

At last! I have signed on my atelier space, dreams are finally coming true, but gosh its rather overwhelming. Before I signed I was convinced this was the answer to everything, as soon as I had a shop space my humble label would be catapulted to the dizzying heights of success, fame and fortune.

Alas, with the walls falling down(!) and only a few weeks to go, how do I transform this

current shell of the atelier

Into this…?

Chanel couture rooms

While still sticking to my eco principals, modest budget and pre-olympics-launch deadline….

perhaps by channeling a little of this?

challenge Anneka

Today we had the first major set back, the ceiling. Anyone would think its the Sistine chapel, the amount of time we need to fix it up.

Well we have 20 days until the launch. Tomorrow the builders are off but I’ll be in the basement transforming the damp cellar into a party venue extraordinaire.

In an effort to keep the Atelier as eco as possible I have been discovering some amazing products with which to adorn the walls and floor.

My favourite so far is the amazing Earthborn paints.

It is just gorgeous. I wont disclose our colour choices just yet, but I am delighted that we can have eco walls, as well as dresses.

Wish us luck!

Yours in Fair trade

Ms Tammam