More brides from abroad

by ateliertammam

Last week I got an email from a lovely bride in the US who bought an Abbie dress from the Tammam White ready to wear collection a few months ago.

It was lovely to receive a  beautiful heartfelt note and see the pictures of Lisa in her dress on her wedding day.

“I wanted to thank you again for the lovely wedding dress you designed and sewed.  The dress fit so perfectly.  The temperature on July 7, 2012, was 104 degrees (F) and the organic cotton was so cool.  The off the shoulder design was perfect for a July wedding and the sewn in sash which created a beautiful bow in the back accented so perfectly.  I was also very thankful for the v-cut in the back of the dress due to the heat.  I used the loop for the train as I came down the stairs of the center to head down to the wedding ceremony which was in beautiful hidden lake gardens in Tipton, Michigan.  The simple front of the dress set off the purple (amethyst and orange citrine) and orange jewelry I wore and the purple and orange bouquet I held.  My husband was smiling when he saw me as I walked down the isle to meet him in union.”

“The dress was elegant, simple, and perfectly accented everything!”

The Abbie dress is one of our best sellers, for its versatility, simplicity and timeless quality.

Winter bride Charlie in her Abbie dress

SJ i her custom made silk Abbie dress

Lisa also wrote “Thank you again Lucy for your amazing design- It was my dream wedding dress come true!” It was my pleasure Lisa, it is one of the great joys of my job to see beautiful people getting so much happiness from our gowns.

The Abbie dress is available, along with the rest of the Tammam White ready to wear and Lucina Puro accessories collections, from our brand new webshop.

Which once again makes me wonder why we have the atelier….. never fear my next post will detail, and invite you to, 2 upcoming events that would not be possible without our lovely little boutique….

Yours in transit

Ms Tammam