Why do i do this?

I’ve just arrived home from an exhibition opening at the British Library (please excuse the slightly inebriated web log posting….) for the original scroll of Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”.

Fascinating to see and wonderful to hear out loud, and I can’t wait for the screening of the new film next week. But most inspiring were the words of Jazz musician David Amram, friend of Kerouac, adorned in necklace of artifacts and skilfully playing his keyboard and various instruments to accompany our night. He talked about the way Kerouc believed in his art, and did what he did for the beauty of the craft of writing and not for fashion or trends.

It reminded me that the reason I do what I do is not for fame or fortune (good job!) or because I want to be part of a trend. I create beautiful clothes for incredible people.

I create clothing using traditional crafts that are beautiful and need skills and passion to make them happen. I make dresses that fit the wearer and are made to last…heirloom pieces.

I love doing bridal gowns and it is a fantastic platform for my creativity married with showing off the skills of people I work with (embroiderers, tailors, weavers etc). As well as this I love creating “everyday” outfits for my clients.

I don’t believe in fast fashion or passing trends, I believe in making people look beautiful, flattering what people have and ensuring they feel wonderful in what covers them. Of course I would love as many people as possible to realise this is the best way to dress and I do hope my independent label will be successful and sustainable, but above all this is my art. This is why I have done this for so long (and it has not been easy!), because I believe in it and I love it. I hope you do too.


Yours in Beat contemplation
Ms Tammam