Berlin Fashion Week (Auf wiedersehen, darling)

by ateliertammam

Guten Tag!

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to showcase at the fabulous Berlin Fashion Week lavera Showfloor catwalk.

What fun we had. As well as the Germans being intently organised and insanely bureaucratic they are absolutely LOVELY people, what a joy to work with the wonderful people at the showfloor.

The show was also a resounding success!

A selection of my favourite shots from the show.

Tammam-Lavera30 Tammam-Lavera37 Tammam-Lavera60.2 Tammam-Lavera63 Tammam-Lavera66

Did you notice a couple of our archive dresses in there? My subtle 2 fingers to the fashion industry, some of our past season dresses are so beautiful, we didn’t want to keep them off the catwalk. Plenty of new ones too of course! Berlin seemed to like it…

Aside from the fashion, we also found some wonderful vegetarian restaurants, Rootz was great for a quick delicious bite (and vegan strawberry cheesecake milk shake – who could resist that!?) and the brunch at Kopps was to die for. I recommend Berlin wholeheartedly. I might go in the summer next time though, it was quite freezing.

Yours in Berlin

Auf wiedersehen, darling

Ms Tammam