Return of the couturier

The last few months have been rather hectic at the House of Tammam.

We have a new studio manager, Elena and a new couture finisher, Natasha making our marvelous little studio cosy, in spite of the hail storms in May.

So despite my absence from the web log for the last few months we have been beavering away, and here is a quick recap on what has been going on.

After our jaunt in Berlin we were whisked off on the Eurostar to Paris, during the couture fashion week, where the elite of the fashion industry spend hundreds of thousands of Euros to show off designs which no one ever wears. That isn’t very sustainable if you ask me, but its really decadent and rather a lot of fun. The great thing about couture (especially Haute) is that it is made locally by dedicated craftspeople using the best quality materials (though that often means silk from boiled cocoons and fur, leather etc).


Back in London we had planned an old fashioned couture house style showing, using our beautiful eco atelier to present our new collection to a select audience of press, celebrities, clients and VIPs.

I was especially exited to show everyone our fashion film, which I posted about before I went AWOL

However, before the madness of our own showcase, I nipped down to Somerset House to have a look at the exhibition and was delighted to see the Estethica designers this season, and so many amazing things happening in ethical fashion. At the Estethica “champagne brunch” (which I have to say was more champagne and no brunch at all, therefore getting me quite tipsy at 11am) I bumped into the wonderful Hillary Alexander and her massive entourage, and with the Dutch courage of 3 glasses of fizz inside me launched myself at her and reminded her of the time I stalked her along the security queue of JFK on the way to New York Fashion Week a few seasons ago. Outside the “brunch” I bumped into a couple of Fashionista press with a soft spot for ethical fashion – Natasha Cowan and Suzy Menkes from the IHT, rushing through to another show, but we had time to share a quick “ciao, darling!” and a wish of luck for our show the next day. I then went and got a coffee (coffee?! I havn’t drunk coffee for over a year, but lack of food and excess of booze meant I wasn’t thinking straight…) With the lovely Christine De Leon, my favourite eco-writer. I wandered back to the studio feeling like a (drunk) zombie, regretting my lack of will power THE DAY BEFORE OUR SHOW. Ooops. Well it is fashion week only…. well, twice… a year.. darling…

So finally it was the day of our first show. To keep it intimate and traditional this season we decided to host the in house shows over 2 days, offering our guests a choice of day and time. Despite the strict guest list the atelier was packed both days, we ran out of goody bags (which included lovely lavera hand cream, eco pencils from remarkable, note cards from the British Library and a bag of vegan PopChips (Salt and Pepper, Salt and Vinegar and Ready Salted are the vegan ones and all delicious).

At the shows we had 4 gorgeous models and a host presenting the outfits, in a similar way to the couture house presentations from the past.


From the Tammam Atelier we offer a traditional couture service, including our new capsule fashion collection using spun eri silk hand loom houndstooth, plain weave eri silk, vintage fabrics, organic cotton and organza.


And of course our Bespoke bridal gowns and veils using beautiful hand crafted techniques and exquisite materials.


So after all the madness of Fashion Week, I had a quick nap and have been running even faster than ever since… We are now working on the collection for next season….and various other exciting things.

I can’t promise, but I’ll attempt to write again soon

Yours, apologetically a little behind with the news

Ms Tammam