One Dress continues – guest post

Ah, dear readers! Once again it has been an age since I last web logged about our bijoux atelier and all it’s goings on. Just last week we hosted an event which saw queues to the end of the road and in a few days I’m jetting off half way around the world to Australia to showcase One Dress Down Under! Words are still available to buy at We’ve had lots of attention over the last month or so – let me know if you see or hear the project mentioned anywhere.

For the last few weeks we’ve hosted the delightful Kathryn from Chicago. Here’s a little guest post from her, all about a photo shoot we did for One Dress, inspired by our fore-mothers and the incredible work they did for equality. Millicent Fawcett became the first women to wear One Dress – still a work in progress – a fitting analogy; The woman who was at the forefront of the chain reaction for the fight for women’s rights, wears the dress, still early in it’s creation – awaiting it’s completion.
Yours in admiration of the women who helped us get where we are today, and the women who still fight for us now.
Ms Tammam

This summer I made the spontaneous decision to travel to the U.K to study and intern for nine weeks. With its growing culture and creativity, the opportunity to live in London for the summer was one I knew I couldn’t pass up.

I was intrigued and immediately hooked when I heard about Atelier Tammam, a fashion label that makes all its clothes sustainably. Sustainability has been a core belief of mine ever since I started university. My interest sparked when I joined a sustainable food club my freshman year. Learning how so many factors can be affected by the way food is sourced was mind blowing to me. With the current state our of earth I find it essential to practice ethical living in as many parts of my life as possible. With clothing and fashion being one of my favorite forms of expression, I have grown very interested in ethical and second hand clothing.

Tammam’s core beliefs include sustainability, feminism, art, and story, all areas I have found extreme passion in. After reading more about Tammam, it seemed like the stars had aligned and I had found my perfect fit. 

Tammam’s current One Dress project has really inspired me to practice slow fashion in my everyday life.  Fast fashion is something that I feel often goes overlooked when it comes to living an ethical life. One Dress is the antithesis of fast fashion with its sustainable sourcing practices.

One of my jobs during my time here was to help produce a photoshoot to promote One Dress, inspired by historic photos of women’s suffrage in London. I went on some reconnaissance missions to scope out locations after researching antique photographs. 

We decided on four different locations: The Millicent Fawcet Statue in Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, The National Portrait Gallery, and Buckingham Palace. 

Here are a few of the photos I took and the inspiration behind them.

IMG_1874 (2)

The first location was the Millicent Fawcet statue in Parliament Square. Millicent Fawcet was a trailblazer in women’s suffrage in London so we thought it was only fitting to have her wear the One Dress skirt to celebrate women and their fight for rights.

The next location we went to was Trafalgar Square. During women’s fight for suffrage, many gatherings occurred at Trafalgar square, one of the most famous being when Christabel Pankhurst invited women to rush the House of Commons in 1908. 



A short walk away we found the National Portrait Gallery where the Christabel Pankhurst painting proudly hangs. The design of One Dress was inspired by this incredible portrait.



The final location we went to was Buckingham Palace, a very important location during the fight for women’s suffrage. Many suffragettes would hold demonstrations and often get arrested for their actions outside Buckingham Palace. The determination of these women is absolutely inspiriting.

IMG_2666 (1)

Yours Truly,