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Month: September, 2018

One Dress in Australia and Sustainable Oz – Part Four – Melbourne

The last stop on our One Dress Australia Tour brought us to Melbourne, an amazing, massive and eclectic city filled with incredible indie designers (we love A.BCH), fabulous diverse artists, delicious sustainable food and drink, and just wonderful people.

We were hosted by the best indie gallery in the city, 4Dverse, a hub for artists and creatives to gather, showcase and create.


Vincent, the owner and fellow artist helped us create quite an event to see out our Australia tour.

I was contacted a week or two before by a wonderful artist, Melissa Coffey, who had created a poem about sweatshops (when written down it is in the shape of a dress, another dress of words!) and kindly agreed to perform it at the event.

We drank organic beer from Struman’s which was simply delicious and more words were collected for One Dress.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 13.04.45.png

There’s still plenty of room for words on the dress. Before we left for Australia we snuck the skirt onto the statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square. Choose your words for this historical gown on the One Dress page. More dates for the Work in Progress tour will be announced soon.

IMG_1874 (2)


Yours back in Blighty,

Ms Tammam

One Dress in Australia and Sustainable Oz – Part Three – Sustainable Sexy Sydney

In Sydney we were invited to showcase One Dress at an incredible concept store, Citizen Wolf.

This wonderful company offers bespoke, made in Sydney, customisable T-shirts – made to fit to perfection. Very much aligned with our own principles at Tammam, this was the perfect place to showcase One Dress and allow some of Sydney’s fashionistas to personalise their own small piece of couture.


I had just enough time to order my own bespoke Citizen Wolf T (an Australian made Breton stripe jersey, long sleeve slash neck, à laCocco herself) which truly does, amazingly fit to perfection (despite very few measurements and my weight and bra size being used to calculate the fit!)

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Yours in modern day bespoke heaven

Ms Tammam

PS today is the Tammam label’s eleventh birthday – Saving the world in style since 2007! We aren’t having birthday celebrations this year but we are very proud of what we have achieved over the last eleven years. Send us a birthday message on twitter or Instagram @HouseOfTammam


One Dress in Australia and Sustainable Oz – Part Two – Queensland Continued

Back in Gold Coast a day on Tamborine Mountain was highlighted with buying avocados on the roadside and stopping for home-grown Coffee at Green Lane, who have an organic plantation right behind their bijoux cafe on the way up the mountain. However, the magical moment came when we stopped to see the glow worms, a conservation project aiming to reduce the negative impacts of deforestation on wild glow worm colonies. Entering the climate controlled, man-made cave, the door shuts and you are instantly greeted with thousands of tiny glowing specs. Such an incredible experience! And such inspirational poetry too;

I wish I was a glow-worm,
a glow-worm’s never glum
‘cos how can you be grumpy
when the sun shines out your bum!

Photograph supplied by Binna Burra

The next stop on our Queensland adventure was Binna Burra Lodge, a heritage eco retreat in the picturesque Lamington National park. Founded in 1933 the lodge retains much of it’s vintage charm, and quite frankly I think holds a little bit of magic too.




Our petite cabin was perfection, it has hosted (we were told by a small plaque on the door) Princess Alice ad Charles Chauvel. It really did have the most spectacular view (though so did pretty much everywhere in the lodge, from the quirky library (with preserved specimens in jars of varying small wildlife), serving high tea cheese and biscuits as the sun sets to the marvellous dining room, where guests are encouraged to eat communally next to a large glass wall showcasing the vista of the valley beyond.


Photograph supplied by Binna Burra

I have never been so enchanted by a place. One of the staff told me he used to visit as a boy and requested to work here as an adult, I can see why! The nature is incredible, our evening walk along the driveway brought us to dozens of happily grazing pademelons (something like a cross between a hare and a kangaroo) and of course, just look up, the night sky from here is unbelievable, certainly for a Londoner who can hardly see the moon most nights. We ventured on a couple of hikes too, one guided, one alone where we came across a large scaled creature (probably a snake, but we didn’t stop long enough to be sure) which made us turn and retreat with the greatest haste (the pure joy of getting back to the lodge was immense), and despite this Binna Burra is still one of our favourite places in Australia.

In a different state but less than an hour away is Byron Bay and the eastern most point in Australia. Here we marvelled at Dolphins and whales in the sea and lizards on land. We also enjoyed a bit on conscious consumerism at the Mullumbimby markets and Byron boutiques.


One Dress came out and found a few more words and before we knew it, we were Sydney Bound!

Yours Down Under

Ms Tammam