One Dress in Australia and Sustainable Oz – Part Three – Sustainable Sexy Sydney

by ateliertammam

In Sydney we were invited to showcase One Dress at an incredible concept store, Citizen Wolf.

This wonderful company offers bespoke, made in Sydney, customisable T-shirts – made to fit to perfection. Very much aligned with our own principles at Tammam, this was the perfect place to showcase One Dress and allow some of Sydney’s fashionistas to personalise their own small piece of couture.


I had just enough time to order my own bespoke Citizen Wolf T (an Australian made Breton stripe jersey, long sleeve slash neck, à laCocco herself) which truly does, amazingly fit to perfection (despite very few measurements and my weight and bra size being used to calculate the fit!)

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Yours in modern day bespoke heaven

Ms Tammam

PS today is the Tammam label’s eleventh birthday – Saving the world in style since 2007! We aren’t having birthday celebrations this year but we are very proud of what we have achieved over the last eleven years. Send us a birthday message on twitter or Instagram @HouseOfTammam